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John Taggart



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select poems - audio clips

3 Poems by Charles Bernstein:

A'Zoot d'Puund

12 Tribes of Dr. Lacan

Le Pont Mirabeau

2 Poems by John Taggart: t Mp3Cuts:

Rhythm and Blues



performances - full audio

Charles Bernstein Performance 4 April 2006, Indiana PA (60:01) mp3)

John Taggart Performance 30 March 2004 - Indiana, PA (56:38) mp3

Cecilia Vicuna Performance 12 April 2002- Odessa, Texas (41:20) (mp3

Cecilia Vicuna Performance 10 March 1994 Buffalo, NY (15:59) mp3

Cecilia Vicuna Performance 12 April 2002- Odessa, Texas (41:20)


Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Huang Xiang

Martin Espada


P o e t i c s

Critical Essays - Commentaries - Reviews

Michael Davidson -
'By ear, he sd': Audio-Tapes and Contemporary Criticism

Essential Grammar (review of Cecilia Vicuña) , Roberto Tejada

Cardinal Formants (commentary on Cecilia Vicuña) Kenneth Sherwood

Thread of the Voice *

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continue off-site

Cryptic Weaving, (critical essay on Cecilia Vicuña) Hugo Mendez
[linked via world of poetry]

Kenneth Sherwood - Ellaborate Versionings: Characteristics of Oral Performance
[linked via OralTradition]


R e s o u r c e s

performance logs

Vicuña - Primary Text Archive (o.p. poetry volumes, Spanish)

Charles Bernstein - Full Performance Log (with links to individual Mp3s)

John Taggart – Full Performance Log (with links to individual Mp3s)

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lA b o u t

AudibleWord.Org promotes the appreciation and study of oral and aural poetries of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  We aim to make performance documents in digital media freely accessible to students, teachers, scholars, and artists.  In collaboration with contemporary practitioners, as well as critics and educators, we also seek to create an  informative context for the appreciation of this work by publishing original commentary, archival scholarship, and other relevant documents.

Editor -
Kenneth Sherwood

Performance Log (mp3s forthcoming)