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Web Audio

Words from Words, XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics (radio), site: Penn Sound

LINEbreak, SUNY Buffalo (radio/interview/performance), site: EPC

 On Behalf of Seeds (multimedia) University of Illinois.

Cecilia Vicuna (multimedia) The World of Poetry. Bob Holman. site: The World of Poetry

Lycos audio.

Sources for Online Texts

 Con un cuadernito en el Met, Poets and Poems (May 2002) - St. Marks Poetry Project

Try Listen. U Hawaii site of Juliana Spahr.Try Listen

Word and Thread. Ethnopoetics. site: ubuweb.org

Sources for Publications

The Precarious (Book) - UPNE

Bright Light of Confusion and Doubt (CD)- Sonaweb

Small Press Distribution


General Resources

Author Page- Electronic Poetry Center

Biographical Note - Geraldine R Dodge Poetry Festival

Visual Art

Exhibit (Images)- Latin Collector Art Center

School/Course Materials

Art and Politics - Course Website by Maria Negroni, Sarah Lawrence College


The Precarious/Quipoem  - (Review in Poetry Bay Summer 2000) Roberto Tejada

The Precarious/Quipoem - (Review on Americas Society web Society web) Mariela Dreyfus.

Cecilia Vicuņa  New York, New York (Art in General Review in ArtForum, Oct, 1999) Frances Richard via findarticles.com

Cecilia Vicuņa  - (Review in Temple News) Jigsha Desai

Notices/Exhibition and Performance/Other

Image Archive - American Poetry Review

"Screen Words: Poems and Poets on Video & Film" Featuring: Cecilia Vicuņa, Steve McCaffery, Henry Hills, Konrad Steiner, Leslie Scalapino, Fiona Templeton. site: Slought.org

Creative Migrations, New Writing from the Global Diaspora, (Literary Festival) Old Dominion (2004)

Cloudnet (Exhbit) - Diverseworks (1999)

Blanton Museum of Art, UT Austin

Exit Art (Exhibit; 1989)







Photo: Martin Spinelli